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The Origins Of Pakistani Cuisine

With roots originating across the three Asian regions of Central Asia, Iran and the Middle East, Pakistani cuisine adopts flavours and characteristics distinctive to these different locations and is likewise enormously diverse.

Our Typical Pakistani Catering Menu

Our chefs are expertly-trained in this cuisine, and their extensive knowledge beautifully captures this diversity

A predominant feature of Pakistani cuisine is the use of meat, in particular lamb, probably the most popular and abundantly-used meat in this cuisine.

Lamb Pilau for instance, is one of our most celebrated dishes, comprising tender pieces of slow cooked lamb, fruity apricots, fluffy rice and crunchy almonds. The aromatic qualities alone are a real crowd pleaser.

A Classy Twist To Popular Pakistani Dishes

Another popular dish, our Lamb Korma incorporates tender pieces of lamb, marinated in yoghurt, garam masala, ground coriander and cumin, allowing the spices to infuse deep into the meat. It is then braised in a covered pot, resulting in a mild, creamy, nutty curry.

A Pakistani feast would not be complete without barbecued meat, namely the ubiquitous Kebab. With Persian origins, this traditional style of cooking involves meat being seared over hot coals in a variety of different ways.

We serve a variety of kebabs, including Seekh kebabs (made with skewed meat seasoned with coriander, ginger, garlic and chilli) and Chapli kebabs (made from beef mince shaped into flat round patties, seasoned with pomegranate seeds) and served with yoghurt.

In most cases kebabs are wrapped in bread and accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes and sauces.

Key ingredients of Pakistani cuisine include; lamb and other meats such as beef, goat, and chicken; garam masala, cumin seeds, caraway, bay leaves, yoghurt and basmati rice.

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