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Origins And Influences of Sri Lankan Cuisine

Heavily influenced by colonial and foreign traders, Sri Lankan cuisine though rooted in Asian origins, also shares similarities with Dutch, Portuguese and British food too.

Renowned for its heat and spices, Sri Lankan dishes are consistently voted among the top ten hottest cuisines in the world.

The Devil Chicken Curry

This generous use of chilli can be sampled across many of our Sri Lankan dishes, in particular our Devil Chicken Curry.

Combining liberal amounts of fresh and dried chillies, lemongrass, ginger, coconut milk and succulent pieces of chicken, this dish is full of heat and flavour.

Our Other Sri Lankan Cuisine

As an island country and with a coastline of 1340 km, fish and seafood feature heavily on any Sri Lankan menu.

Our most popular dishes include the incredibly more-ish Tuna Balls (hand rolled balls of tuna steak, chilli, pandan leaves, ginger and mashed potato, tempered with curry leaves and onions).

Then there is the King Fish – a large silver fish caught off the coast of Malabar and imported into the UK, pan-fried and seared, retaining it’s succulent meaty texture and delicate flavour.

Rice is still a staple of Sri Lankan cuisine and is generally served either boiled or steamed accompanied by a variety of curries.

Similar to Spanish ‘tapas’, a typical meal would consist of a main curry of fish, meat or poultry typically flavoured with signature Sri Lankan ingredients of coconut and lemongrass.

There would also be several other curries made with vegetables and pulses served at the same time, allowing our diners to help themselves to a little of everything all at one sitting.

Key ingredients include; chilli, coconut, lemongrass, onions, Maldives fish, rice.


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